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  • Sept 16-18, 2016

Lemon Scent (Dead Sara)

Music Video, 2013, 5 min, English, U.S, Not rated

About the Film

From Helen Cho Anthos: “I first saw Dead Sara at Cinespace in Hollywood a few years ago. I was blown away. They had so much energy and Emily was jumping on the amps and her voice really knocked you in the face so when my friend Reg B asked me to shoot their video I jumped at it. It was a tough day, we had so much to do in 10 hours but we got it done. The band was so much fun to work with and Emily and Siouxie weren’t afraid to do anything we asked which really made it all work.”

Great Lakes connection:

Helen Cho Anthos is currently editing the documentary Anatomy of a Writer, which she shot and directed and which features writers from the Upper Peninsula.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Reg B
Producers: Helen Cho Anthos / Reg B, The Basement Sessions
Assistant Producer: Peter Quenelle
DP: Helen Cho Anthos
Editor: Pablo Romero-Estevez

Fight Coordinator: Chris Torres
Stunt Coordinator: Mark Musashi
1st AD: Chris Villalba
Director's Assistant: Cameron Jutte

A Camera Operator: Tobin Oldach
B Camera Operator: Al Morales
C Camera Operator: Nash Nicholas
Steadicam: Justin Garcia
Camera PA: Rachel McDonald

Gaffer: Malcolm Bryce
Key Grip: Joel Prescott
Grip/Elec: Cole DePerna

Stylist: Josh Scroggins
Hair: Dani Tygr
Makeup: Desiree Rios
FX Makeup: Krystal Kennedy

PA: Mari Darley-Usmar
PA: Ari Weinberger
PA: Christopher Alaniz


Voted #5 of 10 Best Rock Videos of 2013 – Loudwire

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Saturday, August 2, 3:15pm
Soo Theatre

Not rated
Music Video
5 min
Country of Origin: U.S

In the Eight Shorts - Saturday program

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