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  • Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
  • Sept 16-18, 2016

Sea Gives, Sea Takes

Narrative Short, 2014, 18 min, English, U.S., Not rated

Still: Sea Gives, Sea Takes

About the Film

Sea Gives, Sea Takes is an original screenplay written, directed, and produced by indie filmmaker, Kishe Caelan Wallace, and it is based on an old Irish fisherman’s proverb of “what goes around will come back again.”

Keelin McNeely loses her husband when he goes out to sea and only his oar and rowboat come back. She moves away from Ireland’s mainland to another remote little isle to resume a new life with her daughter Clothra. Their new lakefront home brings more to them than gold coins, as Keelin will soon learn that life and death are in the ways of water, as well as loss and new love.

Great Lakes connection:

Filmed in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan!

Cast & Crew:

Director: Kishe Caelan Wallace
Producer: Kishe Caelan Wallace
Screenwriter: Kishe Caelan Wallace
Cinematographer: Kishe Caelan Wallace
Editor: Kishe Caelan Wallace
Cast: Kishe Caelan Wallace, Kinsale Reilly Wallace, Mark Allen Wallace

Director’s Bio:

From the director: “Looking out over my beautiful lake home in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan…I don’t know how many times I’ve thought the landscape reminded me so much of the lochs of Scotland or the remote isles of Ireland, the land of my grandmother. I am always saying in life…‘this would make a great movie.’ Well, this time, I guess I knew I needed to stop saying that and start making one. God bless Michigan!

“After spending time in both New York City and Hollywood as professional actress and member of SAG/AFTRA, I am very fortunate to call Michigan my home once again. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family and carry out a peaceful life.”

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Saturday, August 2, 3:15pm
Soo Theatre

Not rated
Narrative Short
18 min
Country of Origin: U.S.

In the Eight Shorts - Saturday program

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