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  • Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
  • Sept 16-18, 2016

Solid Dudes Kitchen - Three Episodes

Documentary Short, 2010&2013, 68 min, English, U.S., Not rated

Admission by Food Donation; Proceeds go to the EUP Food Bank in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

About the Film

Get ready for three episodes of the online cooking show Solid Dudes Kitchen:

  • Jalapeño Fest (Season 2 Episode 1), 2010, 10 min
  • Sausage Party (Season 3 Episode 1), 2013, 27 min
  • Home Brew / Home Team (Season 3 Episode 2), 2013, 31 min

Mlive.com probably says it best: “Solid Dudes Kitchen: Beer, jalapeños and DIY rule Detroit's punk rock culinary show…The show's recipe is something like this: Take a healthy Aerosmith hatred, add in fistfuls of phallic referencing, simmer with six-packs of top-shelf beer, lay down some music, top with motion graphic animations that'd make Adult Swim envious and finish with a dash of dudery.”

If you haven’t gotten the idea yet, we’ll just give you this additional hint:
Explicit content. Recommended for mature audiences.

Great Lakes connection:

The show is online but based in Detroit, Michigan.

Cast & Crew:

Episode: Jalapeno Fest

Cast of Dudes: Derek Swanson, Dave Graw, Bill Kozy, The 313 O.G.
Produced by Dave Graw & Derek Swanson
Director & Editor: Derek Swanson
Art Director & Motion Graphics: Dave Graw
Camera: CJ Benninger
Camera/Fire Safety: Mike Sheppard
Opening Title Score: Erik Malauchnik
Audio Post: Andrew Smetek
Color Grading: Chuck Klatt "Foil" & "Witches" by Dark Wave "S.U.T.F.S."
(Credits) by Dark Wave

Episode: Sausage Party

Cast: Dave Graw, Derek Swanson, Brian Merkel, John Schoeniger
Produced & Directed by Gentlemen
Editor: Derek Swanson
Motion Design/Animation: Dave Graw
Director of Photography: CJ Benninger
Additional Photography: Aaron Jones
Location Sound/Audio Post: Andrew Smetek
Color Grading: Chuck Klatt
Production Assistance: Jeff Tuttle
Music by Dial 81 (Feat. Paul Randolph) & Captains of the Head

Episode: Home Brew/Home Team

Cast: Dave Graw, Derek Swanson, Heather Marschall, Scott Lenfestey, Sean Mann, Alex Wright, Dave Dwaihy, Josh Rogers, Spencer Thompson, Craig Hearn, Jon Evans, Shawn Godwin, Jonas Goldstein
Produced & Directed by Gentlemen
Editor: Derek Swanson
Design and Animation: Dave Graw
Director of Photography/Camera: CJ Benninger
Additional Photography: Aaron Jones
Secondary Cameras: Doug Koehnen, Jeff Staebler
Line Producers: Jeff Tuttle, Tony Wolski Drone
Camera: Matt Moy
Location Sound: Andrew Smetek, Hugh Holesome
Audio Post: Andrew Smetek
Grips: Kevin Caldwell, Matt Perlman
Color Grading: Chuck Klatt

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Saturday, August 2, 1:30pm
Soo Theatre

Not rated but recommended for mature audiences
Documentary Short
2010 & 2013
Total Program Time: 68 min
Country of Origin: U.S.

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