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  • Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
  • Sept 16-18, 2016

Sure Thing

Narrative Short, 2013, 24 min, English, U.S., Not rated

About the Film

There are winners and losers in this life and John has always fallen on one side of that line. He's up to his neck in gambling debt and has one day to pay back the money he owes, or else.

Great Lakes connection:

Filmed entirely in Lansing, Michigan, with a full cast and crew of Michigan natives and residents.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Michael McCallum
Producers: Michael McCallum, William C. McCallum, Jonathan Worful, Patric J. Arnold
Screenwriters: Michael McCallum, William C. McCallum
Cinematographer: Kevin W. Fowler
Editors: Jonathan Worful, Michael McCallum
Composer: Jeff Starr
Cast: Michael McCallum, Cassie Little, Denis Link, Kelley Young

Director’s Bio:

Michael McCallum is an award-winning writer/director/actor/editor with over 20 projects under his belt as a producer.

Festivals and Awards:

Winner of Best Country Rock Soundtrack at the 2014 Garden State Film Festival

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Friday, August 1, 3:15pm
Soo Theatre

Not rated
Narrative Short
24 min
Country of Origin: U.S.

In the Six Shorts - Friday program

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