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Audience Choice Awards: The Votes Are In for 2015!

They came, they saw, they voted!

We are pleased to announce the Audience Choice Awards for the 2015 Soo Film Festival. In the Narrative Feature category, four films were very close, so we are naming three runners-up.  By audience acclaim, the winning films are:

Best Narrative Feature

America is Still the Place, directed by Patrick Gilles

Runners-up: The Road to Tophet, directed by Steve Schmidt; Other Madnesses, directed by Jeremy Carr; and Superior, directed by Edd Benda.

Best Narrative Short (under 15 minutes)

The Red Thunder, directed by Alvaro Ron

Runner-up: Counsellor, directed by Venetia Taylor

Best Narrative Short (15 minutes and over)

Dead Metaphors, directed by Patrick Ford

Runner-up: Love and Badminton, directed by Kenneth Maharaj

Best Documentary Feature

PROJECT: ICE, directed by Bill Kleinert

Best Documentary Short

A Place Like Home, directed by Adam Gualtieri

Runner-up: The Deer Hunter, directed by David Tietmeyer

Best Animation Feature

Battledream Chronicle, directed by Alain Bidard

Best Animation

EmBarked, directed by Adele Hawkins, Mikel Mujika, and Soo Kyung Kang

Runner-up: Modern Man (An Animated Tribute to George Carlin), directed by Robert Lyons

Best Music Video

Girls Don’t Cry Wolf, directed by John Chigas and Anna Eva Kotyza

Runner-Up: Bless(e) You, directed by Joris Favraud

Congratulations to all the winners!

A printable PDF of this announcement is available HERE.

2015 Soo Film Festival Audience Choice Award Laurels

The Votes Are In!

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