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  • Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
  • Sept 16-18, 2016

2016 Soo Film Festival - Films By Title

Film Title (Category)
#HELP (Narrative Short)
A Passion of Gold and Fire (Documentary Short)
A Single Life (Animation)
A Space in Time (Animation)
An Interview with Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds (Documentary Short)
Bad Dog (Narrative Short)
Balloon (Narrative Short)
Bear with Us (Narrative Feature)
Boat Builder (Documentary Short)
Breaking Circles (Narrative Short)
Café Sultan Muhammad (Animation)
Call (Narrative Short)
Candy Skin (Narrative Short)
Captain Jackson (Documentary Short)
CI: A TEDD Talkumentary (Narrative Short)
Cryptid (Narrative Short)
Cuerdas (Animation)
Default (Narrative Short)
Dystopia (Narrative Short)
Graveyard of the Great Lakes: A Shipwreck Hunter's Quest to Discover the Past (Documentary Feature)
His & Hers (Narrative Short)
Hollow  (Animation)
I Will Steal Your Heart (Lila Cheney) (Music Video)
In Search Of (Narrative Short)
Light Sight (Animation)
Lila (Animation)
Little Party Queen (Next is Best) (Music Video)
Mr Violet (Animation)
My Friend (Narrative Short)
My Mother Only Had One Eye (Animation)
Nestor Talbot (Narrative Short)
Normie (Narrative Short)
Nowhere Man (Narrative Short)
One Day in July (Animation)
Onslaught of the Plant People (Narrative Short)
Other (Narrative Short)
Pow (Narrative Short)
Predator / Prey: The Fight for Isle Royale Wolves (Documentary Short)
Rent a Car (Narrative Short)
Robot Heart (Narrative Feature)
Scratch (Narrative Feature)
Self-Interest (Narrative Short)
Shades of Gray (Animation)
Sight of the Sound (Music Video)
Singing through the Storm (Music Video)
Sleeping Giant (Narrative Feature)
Stop (Narrative Short)
Striking a Chord: Instruments of Healing (Documentary Short)
The 1%: Crisis in the Great Lakes (Documentary Short)
The Band Breakfast (El Desayuno de los Gauchos) (Music Video)
The D in David (Animation)
The Handbag (Narrative Short)
The Life We Had (Chad Fontaine) (Music Video)
The Pineville Heist (Narrative Feature)
The Reinvention of Normal (Documentary Short)
The Unconventional Gourmet (Narrative Short)
Together Is Home (Documentary Short)
Touché (Animation)
Tylwyth Teg & the Vial (Narrative Short)
UP a River (Documentary Feature)
Waiting for Wiig (Narrative Short)
Whale Valley (Narrative Short)
Zero (Narrative Short)

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