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  • Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
  • Sept 16-18, 2016

Shorts 2 - Mixed Shorts

Shorts program, 123min, Not rated

A Passion of Gold and Fire
Predator / Prey: The Fight for Isle Royale Wolves
The Reinvention of Normal
Whale Valley
Striking a Chord: Instruments of Healing
CI: A TEDD Talkumentary

About This Shorts Program

This program is a mix of short documentaries and narratives, some from far away from the Great Lakes.  For this segment we were looking for beautiful cinematography and compelling or maybe just downright quirky stories. We think you’ll agree we found them!

A Passion of Gold and Fire

Director: Sébastien Pins
Documentary Short, Belgium, 2015, 6 mins, French

A beekeeper shares his worries about the future of his apiary school, a passion of gold and fire which definitely helps our environment to keep on living.

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Predator / Prey:
The Fight for Isle Royale Wolves

Audience Choice Award - Best Documentary Short

Director: Brian Kaufman
Documentary Short, United States, 2016, 37 mins, English

The fragile ecosystem of Isle Royale National Park is dominated by the predator / prey relationship between wolves and moose. But on the biggest island in the biggest lake on Earth, things have unraveled. With wolves dwindling and moose booming, the National Park Service must decide how to manage these iconic species in a time when climate change threatens to undermine both. (The film's subject is Isle Royale National Park. The director is Executive Video Producer at the Detroit Free Press.)


The Reinvention of Normal

Director: Liam Saint Pierre
Documentary Short, United Kingdom, 2015, 7 mins, English

“Go straight off the wall,” said his dad and Dominic does just that. The film follows Dominic Wilcox, an artist / inventor / designer, on his quest for new ideas…taking the normal and turning it into something unique.


Whale Valley

Director: Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson
Narrative Short, Denmark, 2013, 15 mins, Icelandic

The film shows a pure love story between two brothers who live in a remote Icelandic fjord with their parents. When the younger brother, a little boy, witnesses a life or death moment involving his big brother, it sets in motion the possibility of either a great tragedy or a turning point to better times in the brothers' lives. This film received Short Film Special Distinction at Cannes Film Festival 2013.

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Striking a Chord: Instruments of Healing

Director: Susan Rockefeller
Documentary Short, United States, 2015, 27 mins, English

Striking a Chord: Instruments of Healing shows how veterans with PTSD are finding their way back to themselves through music and art. This inspiring 30 minute documentary offers civilians insight into the trauma of war and the challenges of returning home and re entering “reality.” Soldiers learn that, for those who can find the courage to speak their truths, there are unexpected paths to healing.

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Director: Sam Lock
Narrative Short, Malaysia, 2015, 5 mins, English, Student Project (Limkokwing University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia)

An architect stole a design paper from his workplace and is on his way to sell it. Suddenly he receives a mysterious phone call...


Director: Rodrick Pocowatchit
Narrative Short, United States, 2015, 5 mins, English

A Native American man goes on a job interview and discovers a glaring omission on the job application.

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CI: A TEDD Talkumentary

Director: Martin Sweeney
Narrative Short, United States, 2015, 20 mins, English

Real life Silicon Valley innovator Michael Fertik plays Michael Fertik, a start up superstar attempting to top his past success with a game changing TEDD talk in this satirical mockumentary concert film. Fertik's revelatory TEDD talk explains the concept of CI or counterintuition, a simple trick that promises to help anyone unleash their inner innovator and disrupt their conventional lives.

(From the filmmaker: “I lived in the Soo from 1979 85. My family lived there until 1993. I went to grade school, junior high, and two years of high school there. My father worked at LSSU. I worked summer jobs at the Cisler Center, Abner’s, and Vegas Kewadin, where I was one of the inaugural class of blackjack dealers who opened the casino.”)

Read more about Martin Sweeney's connection to Sault Ste. Marie and the Soo Theatre.

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Friday, September 16, 7:30pm
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Shorts 2 - Mixed Shorts

Not rated

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