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  • Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
  • Sept 16-18, 2016

Shorts 5 - Local & Returning Filmmakers

Shorts program, 114min, Not rated

Breaking Circles
Tylwyth Teg & the Vial
An Interview with Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds
Together is Home

About This Shorts Program

This program showcases a diverse group of films by local and returning filmmakers. The program includes two documentary shorts from Soo, Ontario; the rest are narrative shorts of various lengths and genres. Several are student projects. A Q&A with attending filmmakers follows the screening, which runs about 84 minutes.

Breaking Circles

Audience Choice Award - Best Narrative Short Under 15 Minutes

Director: Thomas Butcher
Narrative Short, United States, 2016, 14 mins, English

What does it take to break the circle of bad behavior? Max enters high school at a disadvantage because of his size and soon finds an enemy. But when he begins to trust a new friend, he learns that he isn't alone. It's up to Max to break the circle. (Filmed in Michigan by returning filmmaker Thomas Butcher, a Michigan resident.)

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Tylwyth Teg & the Vial

Directors: Kishe Caelan Wallace, Michelle Hotaling
Narrative Short, United States, 2016, 24 mins, English

Secrets are contained in ancient trees. One cut...and all is lost. When a forester makes that cut, serious consequences befall and irrevocably prevail! (Shot in Sault Sainte Marie, MI by returning filmmaker Kishe Caelan Wallace.)

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Self Interest

Director: Maha Ibrahim
Narrative Short, United States, 2016, 1 mins

A seasoned criminal finally admits to some of his most heinous crimes and devious secrets. (Filmed in Michigan by Michigan residents; produced and co written by returning filmmaker Thomas Butcher.)

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Audience Choice Award - Best Student Animation

Director: Jennifer D. Hudson
Animation, United States, 2016, 2 mins, English, Student Project (College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan)

A Princess decides to fight off her new evil stepmother but, as they fight, she realizes that stepmothers might not be that bad. (From the filmmaker: “My grandparents, the Whytes, live on Sugar Island. I visit them at least twice a year including my very well known Aunt Jan Bailey and Uncle Harold Bailey. My mom, Jonna Hudson, was born and raised in Sault Saint Marie, and I live and go to school in the midtown Detroit area.”)

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Director: Brandon Beck
Narrative Short, United States, 2011, 1 min, English

A somewhat silent film (Shot in Sault Ste. Marie, MI)

An Interview with Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds

Director: Michael Gingras
Documentary Short, Canada, 2016, 7 mins, English

I flew to London England and interviewed Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds. (Returning filmmaker Michael Gingras is from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.)

Together Is Home

Director: Adam Gualtieri
Documentary Short, Canada, 2015, 25 mins, English, Student Project (Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario)

This documentary film follows the life of Meshawna and Kiona, twin sisters who grew up in the foster care system. Taking place one year after the twins' funds have been officially cut off by the Children's Aid Society, they reflect on their childhood—a mixture of loss and love. (Returning filmmaker Adam Gualtieri was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. His documentary short, A Place Like Home, won the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary Short at the 2015 Soo Film Festival.)



Director: Doug Lewis
Narrative Short, Canada, 2015, 9 mins, English, Student Project (Canadore College, North Bay, Ontario)

A young snowboarder, Sonny Noob, moves to a small Northern community from his Southern big city. He comes to find that snowboarding in Northern backcountry is much harder than the groomed hills that he's used to back home. (Filmmaker Doug Lewis is a student at Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario.)


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Sunday, September 18, 12:30pm
Soo Theatre

Shorts 5 - Local & Returning Filmmakers

Not rated

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