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  • Sept 16-18, 2016

Shorts 6 - Student Shorts Plus Waiting for Wiig

Shorts program, 144min, Not rated

Captain Jackson
The 1%: Crisis in the Great Lakes
Rent a Car
Bad Dog
My Friend
His & Hers
Nestor Talbot
Onslaught of the Plant People
In Search Of
Waiting for Wiig

About This Shorts Program

We received a lot of great student entries from the Great Lakes region and elsewhere. In this sampling, you’ll see the work of talented students from high school through graduate school. Following the student films is a film by Steven Wiig, a native of Negaunee and a member of our advisory board.

A Q&A with the filmmakers follows the screening, which runs about 114 minutes.

Captain Jackson

Director: Jacob Fisher
Documentary Short, United States, 2015, 6 mins, English, Student Project (Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, Michigan)

A documentary about Jackson, Michigan's very own crime fighter. (Filmed at Spring Arbor University by students in its video program.)

The 1%: Crisis in the Great Lakes

Audience Choice Award - Best Student Documentary

Director: Griffin Olis
Documentary Short, United States, 2016, 7 mins, English, Student Project (Troy Athens High School, Troy, Michigan)

The 1% explores the dangerous future (and present) of our nation's most precious natural resource: The Great Lakes. (From the filmmaker: “The film’s location, personnel, subjects, content, and interviews all have a Great Lakes connection.”)


Rent a Car

Director: Sebastian Schnabel
Narrative Short, United States, 2016, 4 mins, English, Student Project (Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Two friends find a dead body in the trunk of their rented car. (The film was shot in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the cast and crew are from Minneapolis as well.)

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Bad Dog

Directors: Megan Escamilla, Jeremy Little
Narrative Short, United States, 2014, 12 mins, Student Project (Delta College, University Center, Michigan)

When Aaron goes to the park to talk to an old friend, he has a dark secret that's not so easy to share. (Filmed in Saginaw.)


My Friend

Director: Sean Murphy
Narrative Short, United States, 2016, 13 mins, English, Student Project (College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan)

A busy college student named Sean is stopped one day by an old man named Ahmed asking for a ride. Reluctantly he agrees and later halfheartedly agrees to do it again. Over time the two become friends until one day Ahmed must move. Though Ahmed may be gone, Sean won’t forget him. (From the filmmaker: “The cast and crew all are from the Detroit area and the film was shot in the Detroit area as well.”)

His & Hers

Director: Kaela Green
Narrative Short, United States, 2016, 17 mins, English, Student Project (Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, Michigan)

A short musical that asks the question: Can love overcome a troubled relationship? (Filmed at Spring Arbor University by students in its video program.)

Nestor Talbot

Director: Craig Erpelding
Narrative Short, United States, 2015, 11 mins, English, Student Project (DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois)

Nestor Talbot has his hands full when his future self travels back to the present using a time travel app. His goal: to save a relationship that present day Nestor has no interest in saving. Unfortunately, a clown and a quirky pet shop clerk get caught in the mix. This is an MFA Thesis Film for DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts. It was chosen as Best Short by the Audience at the FilmDayton festival (Dayton, OH) and won Best Student Film at the Alhambra Theatre Film Festival (Evansville, IN). Other screenings include: Los Angeles CineFest, Kansas City Film Festival, and TMFF. (Filmed in Chicago, IL.)

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Onslaught of the Plant People

Director: Anders Gatten
Narrative Short, Canada, 2016, 4 mins, English, Student Project (Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario)

It's the early 1950s and the American Blacklist is in full swing. Writers are being divided between their politics and their paychecks, including a young newcomer commie by the name of Alton. When Alton is threatened to be put out of work for the rest of his days, he is given the chance to clear his name by finishing a pro capitalist B movie script. Which will he give up: the job he loves or the ideals he holds dear? This is a 2nd year film for Sheridan College's Bachelor of Film and Television program. (Shot in Oakville, Ontario on the shore of Lake Ontario.)

In Search Of

Audience Choice Award - Best Student Narrative

Director: Paul Dombrovskis
Narrative Short, Canada, 2015, 16 mins, English, Korean, Student Project (Vancouver Film School, Vancouver, BC)

Heon Soo (Eric), a Korean comic book artist, moves to Canada to pursue his dream, leaving family and friends behind. Facing isolation, language differences, and cultural differences is a price we often have to pay in order to achieve success. The character’s journey emphasizes that nothing in life is free, but if you love what you do, work hard, believe in yourself, and are persistent, then with time and a fair amount of luck, life will eventually take you where you want go.


Waiting for Wiig

Audience Choice Award - Best Narrative Short 15 Minutes and Over

Director: Steven Wiig
Narrative Short, United States, 2016, 25 mins, English

Destiny is the last thing on the mind of a group of unsuspecting strangers as they await the arrival of a small town film star, but Fate rarely plays by the rules. (Made in the U.P. by people from the U.P. Shot in Negaunee & Ishpeming in July 2016. Director, producer, and key cast member Steven Wiig is a native of Negaunee and a member of the Soo Film Festival Advisory Board. Steven currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where he dedicates his life to film, art, music & family (not necessarily in that order)).

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Shorts 6 - Student Shorts Plus Waiting for Wiig

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