2017 Soo Film Festival Logo
  • Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
  • Sept 12-17, 2017

2017 Soo Film Festival - Films By Title

Film Title (Category)
40th Anniversary (Narrative Short)
Anna (Narrative Short)
As You Like It (Narrative Feature)
Blood and Wine - Monsterʼs Ball (Music Video)
A Bolt from the Blue (Animation)
BUZz (Narrative Short)
Desarming (Narrative Short)
Detroit Under STRESS (Documentary Feature)
Donʼt Look Under Your Bed (Animation)
Eat Me (Narrative Short)
Fomo Sapiens (Narrative Short)
Franksgiving (Narrative Short)
Georgia & the Time Machine (Narrative Short)
The Good Drive (Narrative Short)
Hands to the Sky (Animation)
Hatcat (Narrative Short)
Hearts of Steel (Documentary Short)
Hi8 (Documentary Short)
Horse Dad (Animation)
How to Find Love Online with Fridge and Bear (Animation)
INAATE/SE/ [it shines a certain way. to a certain place/it flies. falls./] (Documentary Feature)
IN/FINITE (Narrative Short)
I've Just Had a Dream (Narrative Short)
Jaded (Narrative Short)
Jon Kenzie - Can You Decide (Music Video)
Journey (Animation)
La Folía (Narrative Short)
Making Waves: Battle for the Great Lakes (Documentary Feature)
The Maltese Guinea Pig (Narrative Short)
Marc Chung Protects His Address (Narrative Short)
The Michigan Ice Film (Documentary Feature)
Missing (Animation)
My Little Brother (Narrative Short)
The Myth of a Standing Ovation (Animation)
Nowhere, Michigan (Narrative Feature)
Once Upon a Dream (Narrative Short)
Pampa (Narrative Short)
Pandas in the Mist - Brochure (Animation)
Panic Attack! (Animation)
Planet Campus (Documentary Short)
Prep Talk (Narrative Short)
Protomartyr - A Private Understanding (Music Video)
Qaleraliq (Documentary Short)
Radiophone (Animation)
Red Light (Narrative Short)
Renardo (Documentary Short)
Return Address (Narrative Short)
Returning (Animation)
Safety Net (Narrative Short)
Sarah Lenore - If We Try (Music Video)
Shotgun (Narrative Feature)
Sisterly (Documentary Short)
Starry Skies (Animation)
The Stone Circle (Documentary Feature)
The Stories We Share (Documentary Short)
Stuck in Traffic, Modern-Day Slavery in Michigan (Documentary Feature)
SUPER DAD! (Narrative Short)
The Teacup (Animation)
This Is Who I Am (Narrative Short)
ʼTil The Last Dog Dies (Documentary Short)
Twofold (Narrative Short)
The Velvet Abstract (Animation)
The Waiting Room (Narrative Short)
Why We Want a Dog (Animation)
Wingman (Narrative Short)
Ya No Te Quiero (I Donʼt Love You Anymore) (Narrative Short)

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