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  • Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
  • Sept 12-15, 2019

2019 Soo Film Festival - Films By Director

Director(s) Film Title
Corey Adkins Crossing Superior
Wren Barnes Need a Lift
Jack Belhumeur Respect Your Elders, Chum
Thomas Butcher BrowBeat
Thomas Butcher Bunny!
Lee Chambers Copenhagen Road
Jimmie Chiverelli Bonsai Dream
Frederick Dakota The Dawes Act
Jermaine Davis Multiply
Marie Dupont On the Roof
Devin Durocher Reggie
Jonathan Elliott Even in the Silence
Jonathan Elliott Her Water Drum
Jonathan Elliott Taken Home
Annie Engman The Ballad of Jack & Vi
Deb Ethier And She Rode Forth....
Douglas A. Ewen Bi Polaroid
Javid Farahani Under the Blade
Scott Franchuk Tell Me About Yourself
Ben Friedman Double Take
Vincent Gagliardi Rocks
Kellen Gibbs In the Mind's Eye
D. Gilliam Kenya
Rachel Goodman The Genocide Project
Luke Grandmont, Dallas Varcoe Reminiscing
Daniel Hagler We Hired a Clown
Graham Hall Therapeutic Thievery
Tyler Holme, Ben Fout Spike
Elena Horgan Shogani
Caitlin Hoseck, Celeste Jamneck Ember
Timothy Jagielo The Seventh Fire
Marco Jemolo Framed
John C. Jones Condolences
Jackie Jorgenson Outcome Not So Good
Cédric Jouarie The Very Last Day
Jeff Kapp Ever After
Adam Khalil, Bayley Sweitzer Empty Metal
Daniel Kiwacka Adulthood
Pavel Kungurov Little Cosmic Shore
Sara Laubscher, Saira George Undone
Todd Lillethun The Quit
Scott A. Magie FOUR-NINETY
Annie Maley Potion: Dark Matter
Tre Manchester Bleed American
Alvaro Martin Accident de Personne
Faure Mat An Edited Life
Jon Mayer Dance Ditchers
Michael McCallum Breaking Wheel
Michael McCallum Foreword
Michael McCallum Love Is Wild
Ekene Som Mekwunye Light in the Dark
Bradley Michael Harper
Lorelei E. Miller The Gift
Paul Morisette Things We Carry
Rolfin Nyhus Two Down
Lucas Ostrowski Detroit, Diamond
Eren Ozsan Scars Left Behind
Kévin Payet, Charlotte Poncin Urban Jungle
Lu Pulici, Josep Piris FEAR
Lu Pulici Things Were Better Before
Alexa Range Alexa
Nacho Recio Shadows of a Radio in the East
Tobias Schlage, Brent Forrest Like and Follow
Vladimir Sokolskyy Blood Orange
Vladimir Sokolskyy Crime and Punishment
Diego Porral Soldevilla Monsters Walking
David Spaltro As One
Carlyle Stewart Lear
Katharina Stieffenhofer From Seed to Seed
Zach Strum, Gen Liu Rob Nance - Motion Sickness
Zach Strum Sex Planet - Lacie
Raymond Limantara Sutisna Balance
Tyler Szuch Private Barry
Stefan Teofilovic Load
Jonas Thielcke First Light
Ava Torres, Helmann Wilhelm All Things Beautiful
Lèonie Tremblay-Clavette, Claudine BergeronCanada C3 - Coast to Coast to Coast
George ve Gänæaard, Horia Cucută AMERICA
Joseph Victor, Ryan Steele One Shot
Joseph Victor, Ryan Russell Steele Verso
Luke Viljoen Hadidance
Kishe Caelan Wallace Silence the Vampyr
Michael Washington Enigma
Lari Wendt Flow
Marion Wilson A Tinsel Township Christmas Tale
Chris Yang Embrace Where You Come From
Dan Yessian An Armenian Trilogy
Michael Zamanis Pronounced: North London Darby
Modesta Žemgulytė Objects with Stories
Casey Zenner, Matt Ruby Too Hard to Love

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