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Block 1-Father Tries Best

Short and Feature program, 108 min, Not rated

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About This Program

This program presents two foreign films in which fathers face challenges.


Director: George ve Gänæaard

Narrative Short, Romania, 2020, 15 min, Color

When his son flunks a biology test, a father must prove his love while helping him pass the term.

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Director: Daniel Lovecchio

Narrative Feature, Spain, 2019, 93 min, Color, Spanish with English subtitles

Germán is Argentine by birth but has lived in Spain for thirty years. On the day of his daughter Lucia's birthday, he gets a phone call that forces him to confront his violent past. He must then deal with the terrible things that he experienced under Argentina's dictatorship while at the same time overcoming his current family problems.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Daniel Lovecchio
Writer: Nerea Lovecchio
Producer: Daniel Lovecchio
Cinematography: Ariel D. Zeitunlian
Art Director: Solange Ruibal, Nuria Urbano
Music: Daniel Lovecchio & Jerónimo Plazza
Sound: Inés Almirón
Editing: Arantxa Galán
Key Cast: Nerea Lovecchio, Daniel Lovecchio, Luciano Ciaglia, Pury Estalayo, Juan Luppi, Malena Altero

Daniel Lovecchio
Director Biography

Daniel Lovecchio (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1955) Actor and musician. Dalcroze Rhythmic Specialist. Bachelor of Dramatic Art from the Superior School of Dramatic Art of Buenos Aires. (I.U.N.A) Direction and interpretation. Dr. in Theater from the University of Valladolid 2012.

Director of the TylTyl Theater Integral Training Center in Art since 1995 Director of the TylTyl Company since 1984. 52 shows directed since 1984. Founder and Director of the Tyl Scenic Production Company AIE in 2016.

Director of Chrysalis (69 minutes) 2006, Clipxdiez (30 min) 2010. Moira (1:32:20) 2018.


Best Feature Film at Ariano International Film Festival (Italy), August 2021

Best Feature at Lone Star International Film Festival (United States), November 2020

Poster: Moiray
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Wednesday, Sept. 15, 6:30pm

Bayliss Library

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