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Block 10-Michigan Documented

Documentary shorts program, 187 min, Not rated

Open Water
Open Water
The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative
The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative
A Day in the Life of Kik Pool
A Day in the Life of Kik Pool
The Silent Disease
The Silent Disease

About This Program

The four short documentaries in this program share a connection with Michigan.

Open Water

Director(s): Kalli Anderson

Documentary Short, Canada, 2020, 19 min, Color

What does it feel like to swim across the largest freshwater lake in the world? To answer that question, this short documentary film follows 61-year-old open-water swimmer Marilyn Korzekwa in her attempt to be the first person to ever complete a crossing of the eastern end of Lake Superior, from Michigan, USA to Ontario, Canada. The film uses experimental underwater photography techniques and immersive sound design to convey the subjective experience of swimming non-stop through a night and a day. It chronicles the changing moods of the lake over the course of the swim as Marilyn and her small support crew weather the waves and numbing cold. Along the way, we get to know some of the tight-knit community of Canadian women who have, with very little fanfare, been swimming and helping each other swim the Great Lakes for three generations.

Great Lakes Connection: The film tells the story of Marilyn Korzekwa, the first person ever to complete a solo marathon swim from Michigan to Ontario across the Eastern end of Lake Superior.

The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative

Director(s): Grace Bright, Grace Joo

Documentary Short, USA, 2020, 19 min, Color, Student Project - Troy Athens High School, Troy, Michigan

The native Arctic grayling disappeared from Michigan waters by 1936. This is the story of what it will take to bring them back.

Great Lakes Connection: The film is about returning a native species to Michigan waters.

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A Day in the Life of Kik Pool

Director(s): Danny Kim

Documentary Short, USA, 2019, 30 min, Color

Beginning in the quiet, pre-dawn hours, a public pool provides a place for the community to gather: to stay in shape, to learn an important skill, and to simply have fun. But as the day progresses, it becomes clear that a swimming pool is much more than that. It is almost a living thing: shifting and changing for the different people who use it, strengthening friendships and family bonds, and becoming a vital part of the community.

Great Lakes Connection: The cast are from, and film's location is in, Kalamazoo, Michigan. All of the crew are from Michigan.


The Silent Disease

Director(s): Kyla Milberger

Documentary Short, USA, 2021, 36 min, Color, Student Project - New York University, New York City

It took my father’s death for me to realize he was hiding a big secret. While as an anesthesiologist he was saving lives, he himself fell victim to a silent disease: addiction. My parents divorced; the family divided; one son also became a drug user. Eventually drugs would cause my father’s death. I was angry and ashamed of my dad. I thought he had a choice to choose us or the drugs. But now, five years later, I get a second chance at understanding this disease that my brother struggles with every day.

Great Lakes Connection: The film is based in the metro Detroit area.

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Sunday, Sept. 19, 11am

Soo Theatre

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