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Block 4-America, You Kill Me

Feature program, 105 min, Not rated Q&A with filmmaker Daniel Land

America, You Kill Me
America, You Kill Me

About This Program

This feature documentary recounts the work and legacy of activist Jeffrey Montgomery and his fight for LGBTQ+ rights in Michigan and the Midwest.

America, You Kill Me

Director: Daniel Land

Documentary Feature, US, 2021, 105 min, Color, Documentary

“He is among the most visible and accomplished advocates for safety and equality of GLBT people in Michigan history... a hero and living legend.” Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

For many Americans, it may seem as though the recent waves of change in Gay Rights happened overnight, but this is not so. A brutal road against vicious intolerance and opposition was slowly paved for decades, by generations of activists across the nation who fought hard for every step.

This is a feature-length documentary film about the life and impact of one such leader.

In 1985, a young man was killed outside of a bar in Detroit. After the funeral, his boyfriend was horrified to learn that police were not even going to investigate the murder. To them, it was “just another gay killing,” and not worth the resources.

Jeffrey Montgomery became a man with a mission.

In 1991 he co-founded the Triangle Foundation to fight back against anti-gay violence and support victims of hate crime attacks and abuse. Undeterred by death threats, vandalism, sabotage, or even being placed on the hit-list of the Aryan Nation, he wielded his own fierce intellect and razor wit to confront politicians, testify at court hearings, and push local/national media to better report on gay issues. Through advocacy and legal support, Triangle grew to encompass other needs of the community such as job discrimination, housing discrimination, social representation, and more.

Great Lakes Connection:

The film is about a Detroit activist and his impact on the Great Lakes region and beyond. The film was made entirely by a Michigan crew.  

Cast & Crew:

Director: Daniel Land
Producers: John Montgomery, Daniel Land
Key Cast: Jeffrey Montgomery

Daniel Land
Director Biography

Daniel Land is a Detroit-based filmmaker and visual artist. He completed his first feature-length motion picture in high school, graduated from the College For Creative Studies, and has since directed music videos, commercials, and an array of narrative, documentary, animated, and experimental shorts.

As a visual effects supervisor, he has led teams of artists to design and deliver purposeful VFX imagery for television series (Battles BC, Art of War) and Hollywood feature films (Saving Lincoln, Isa, Game of Death). On the historical feature 'Saving Lincoln,' he also served as 2nd Unit Director.

Voyagers, an animated short he co-directed with Paul Frieling, was a finalist in the 2015 Cinespace competition in Houston, and his music video for Audra Kubat's 'Sparrow' was nominated for a Detroit Music Award.

In 2014 he was awarded a Kresge Arts Fellowship in Film Direction.

Poster: America, You Kill Me
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Friday, Sept. 16, 6pm

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