Soo Film Festival 2022

Block 5-Hideout

Feature program, 118 min, Not rated


About This Program

This program presents the feature crime thriller, Hideout.


Audience Choice Award - Best Foreign Narrative Feature

Director: Yen Kuang Chen

Narrative Feature, Taiwan, 2021, 118 min, Color, Crime Thriller

A drug dealer hopes to make enough money so that he and his girlfriend can leave their life of crime behind. He borrows money from a local crime boss to complete a deal. What could go wrong?

Cast & Crew:

Director: Yen Kuang Chen
Writer: Yen Kuang Chen
Producers: Yen Kuang Chen, Jerry Hsin, Vincent Lee
Key Cast: Tang Lun, Alex Chiu, Eddie Chen, Ssu Ching Ho, Edmund Chen, Shao Ping

Yen Kuang Chen
Director Biography

Yen Kuang Chen was born in Taiwan, Taipei. With a background in graphic design and photo-editing, he is a self-taught filmmaker.

Hideout is his feature debut. He served as the screenwriter, director, editor and producer of this film.

Director Statement

Hideout is my first feature-length film. I tried to present this crime story in a very realistic way. Accordingly, whether it is the shooting technique, composition, performances or dialogue, the aim was to be simple, direct and plain, so as to increase the sense of realism for audiences when watching the film.

Though this film is categorized as a crime thriller, its core revolves around the complexity of human psychology, such as love, trust, pretense, deceit and betrayal. This is also the source of my creative inspiration.

My focus when writing the script was always on big twists and reversals. That is why Hideout has a seemingly simple plot yet an unexpected ending. Tiny details in the film provide the key to subsequent developments in the story.


Omaha Film Festival (Omaha, Nebraska), March 13, 2022, World Premiere

Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival (Muskogee, Oklahoma), April 28, 2022, Best Foreign Language Drama

Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition (New York City), Honorable Mention Award

PopCon International Film Festival (Indianapolis, Indiana), June 7, 2022, Nominee

ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), July 1, 2022, Best Feature Film Nominee

Cobb International Film Festival (Cobb, Georgia), August 4, 2022, Nominee

Official Selection at
Ferrara Film Festival (Ferrara, Italy),
Marina del Rey Film Festival (Los Angeles, California),
Festivus Film Festival (Denver, Colorado),
Capital City Film Festival (Lansing, Michigan),
Richmond International Film Festival (Richmond, Virginia),
LA Crime and Horror Film Festival (Los Angeles, California),
Near Nazareth Festival (Afula, Israel),
Interrobang Film Festival (Des Moines, Iowa),
Kosice International Film Festival (Kosice, Slovakia),
Micheaux Film Festival (Los Angeles, California),
Art of Brooklyn Film Festival (Brooklyn, New York),
Burbank International Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)

Poster: Hideout
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Friday, Sept. 16, 8:30pm

Soo Theatre

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