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Block 2-Cranedance

Feature, 93 min, Not rated


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The feature documentary: Cranedance.


Director: Mindy Denninger

Documentary Feature, United States, 2023, 93 min, Color

Sandhill cranes are noticeable for their tall height, unique loud calls, and prehistoric appearance. In this film you will get an extraordinary glimpse into the fascinating lives of the cranes that frequent a shallow lake in Oxford, Michigan.

Join Mindy as she observes their intriguing behavior and then goes on a journey of discovery about the intersection of this species and the people around them. Learn about their recovery from near extinction and what could be next for these incredible birds.

Great Lakes Connection

This film is about the sandhill cranes of Michigan! It was filmed in Michigan and the director is a lifelong Michigander.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Mindy Denninger
Writer: Mindy Denninger

Director Mindy Denninger
Director Biography

Mindy started Unreasonable Productions in 2014 to enter the first annual Wildwood Film Festival sponsored by ONTV in Lake Orion, Michigan.

Her short film The Orb took Second Place overall, followed by Flycatcher (First Place 2015), Help Me Tech Support (First Place 2016), Runner 13 (Third Place 2017), Witched (First Place 2019), and A Kind of Time (2020).

Her films have also been shown in the NXMW North by Midwest Micro-Budget Film Festival in Kalamazoo and the Short, Sweet, Film Fest in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mindy’s latest project is a full-length feature documentary Cranedance which is a story of Michigan sandhill cranes.

Poster: Cranedance

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Thursday, Sep 14, 6:30pm

Bayliss Library

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