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Block 6-The Marshmallow Mystery Tour

Feature, 84 min, Not rated

The Marshmallow Mystery Tour
The Marshmallow Mystery Tour

About This Program

The feature film: The Marshmallow Mystery Tour

The Marshmallow Mystery Tour

Directors: Jeff Beals, Matthew Beals

Narrative Feature, United States, 2021, 84 min, Color

After landing a gig at a marshmallow theme park, a cameraman uncovers the shocking truth about America’s candy industry and his own sugar-coated childhood.

Great Lakes Connection

The film tells the history of marshmallows in America and the first major marshmallow company in America that was located in Ligonier, Indiana. The film sets key scenes there and the plot emerges from it.

Cast & Crew:

Directors: Jeff Beals, Matthew Beals
Writers: Jeff Beals, Matthew Beals
Producer: Jeff Beals
Key Cast: Jeremy Rishe, Julius Callahan, Mark Beltzman

Other Credits 

Editor: Matthew Beals
Director of Photography: Matthew Beals

Directors Jeff and Matthew Beals
Director Biography

The Beals Brothers grew up in New York snorting Fun Dip and building titanic Oreo sandwiches and have never stopped.

Matthew is an award-winning director of photography whose work has appeared in Steven Spielberg’s The Rising and in his own documentary The Power of the Peep.

Jeff is a teacher and activist who was featured on This American Life as a congressional candidate and decorated for his service as a US diplomat in Iraq.

Today they write and shoot film together while plying their trades across the continent.

Director Statement

The Marshmallow Mystery Tour was written, shot and directed by two brothers who went undercover at candy landmarks across America. It breaks down the boundary between feature film and documentary to offer the first ever docu-fairytale. Blessed by Willy Wonka himself, Gene Wilder, who caught a glimpse of the project as it began, this is a new kind of comedy for a new era.


Kevin Smith’s Smodcastle Film Festival (Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey), Best Comedy Feature

Warped Dimension Film Festival (online), Audience Award Top Feature Film

Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival (Dumbrăvița, Romania), Best Comedy/Parody Feature Film

Poor Life Choices Film Festival (online), Best Dark Comedy Feature Film

Project-Nerd Film Festival (Westminster, Colorado), Craft Cinema Feature Film Award

Buffalo (New York) Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, Feature Film Visionary Award

Official Selection at
Santa Cruz (California) Film Festival,
Annapolis (Maryland) Film Festival,
The Valley Film Festival (Los Angeles, California),
Sleepy Hollow (New York) International Film Festival,
Green Jack international Film Festival (Big Bear Lake, California),
Proteus Film Festival (Virginia Beach, Virginia),
Canadian International Comedy Film Festival (Winnipeg, Manitoba),
PopCon Film Festival (Indianapolis, Indiana),
Hobnobben Film Festival (Fort Wayne, Indiana),
Vox Popular Media Arts Festival (Thunder Bay, Ontario),
Flickers’ Vortex Fantasy Sci-Fi & Horror Film Festival (Providence, Rhode Island),
Mystic Film Festival (Groton, Connecticut),
PRPL Fork Food Film Festival (Vancouver, British Columbia),
Orlando (Florida) Film Festival,
SOMA Film Festival (Maplewood, New Jersey),
Route 66 Film Festival (Springfield, Illinois)

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Friday, Sep 15, 9:30pm

Soo Theatre

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