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Battledream Chronicle

Animated Feature (Narrative), 2015, 1 hour 48 minutes, French (English subtitles), Martinique, Not rated

Audience Choice Award - Best Animated Feature

About the Film

In 2100, the empire of Mortemonde colonized almost all the nations of the Earth and reduced their populations to slavery. Every slave is forced to collect 1000XP every month in Battledream, a video game where they can die for real. Only those who succeed are granted the right to live until the following month. Syanna, a young Martinician slave, refuses to keep living in this condition and decides to fight for her freedom...

Great Lakes connection:

None, but this is a great sci-fi, action/adventure, animated film!

Cast & Crew:

Directors: Alain Bidard
Writers: Alain Bidard
Producers: José R. Nerain Key
Actors: Jacques Olivier Ensfelder, Yna Boulangé, Steffy Glissant, Célia Guitteaud

Director’s Bio:

Specialized in CG animation film production, Alain Bidard is an independent director who has worked in Martinique for 12 years.

In 1996 he entered SUPINFOCOM (Valenciennes), one of the best Computer Graphics schools in Europe. There, he directed his first animation film, "Pixies", which entered many festivals including the prestigious Imagina festival in Monaco.

Between 2000 and 2007, he directed a dozen of animated short films, including "Opale", a film which entered Cannes Festival and won the Best Film Award in the Cinema Meetings of CMAC in 2006, along with the Best director Award in FEMI in 2007. "Battledream Chronicle" is his first animated feature film.

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Sunday, September 13, noon
Soo Theatre

Not rated
Animated Feature (Narrative)
1 hour 48 minutes
French (English subtitles)
Country of Origin: Martinique

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